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The company was incorporated in February 1995 with the following objectives:
:: Manufacturing Cocoa Products
:: Food Processing
:: Export and Import
:: General Trading

Since incorporation, the company has restricted itself to the pulverization of cocoa cake into cocoa powder for export and local consumption.

Active manufacturing and trading operation began in 1998 and even though the company has faced various challenges especially with regard to finance and raw material acquisition, some modest progress has been made as demonstrated by the financial extracts below:

Year Export Sales
Cedi Equivalent
[¢ Million]
Local Sales
[¢ Million]
Total Sales
[¢ Million]
Profit Before
Tax [¢ Million]
1999 Nil Nil 300.9 300.9 57.6
2000 130,910 534.25 233.05 767.3 4.6
2001 382,005 2,753.6 236.4 2,990.6 353.9
2002 251,695 1,988 2,071.5 4,059.5 85,391
2003 178,100 1,629.6 6,570.4 8,200 498.5
These results have encouraged the Directors of the company to seek to expand the scope of operations to include the direct processing of raw beans into intermediate cocoa products - Liquor, Butter, Cake, and Powder.

The share holders and Directors of the company are:
Name Profession Position
1) Nana Awuku Bram Businessman Chairman, BOD
2) Maj Dan Ablorh-Quarcoo Management Accountant Executive Director
3) Mr. Eric Ablorh-Quarcoo Economist Director


:: Our Clients Include...
:: Nestle Ghana Ltd
:: Cadbury Ghana Ltd
:: Eurofood Ghana ltd
:: Fairbon Ltd